Our soaps are made using organic RSPO certified palm oil and biodegradable glitters, and we use coconut oil in all our artisan bars, unless otherwise stated. Most products are vegan friendly but all exceptions will be clearly denoted on the listing. 

How do I get into the Salty Mom Club?  I hear they get emails with news, special offers, entrance into drawings, and occasional freebies!!

You heard right!!  They sure do, and we’d love for you to become a Salty mom too!  You will get 4-6 emails a year, so no worries about having your inbox flooded with soapy goodness! Just sign up using the link.


Is the price I see under each picture for one bar of soap, or for the amount in the picture?

The prices listed under each variety is per bar.  We often show multiple bars of each variety to highlight the slight variations associated with the handmade, artisan nature of our products.


Why did my items not arrive within 2 days if I have “2 day” shipping?

Short answer:  We have a 1-3 day processing period with which to fulfill your order and then, once it leaves our care, Priority Mail with USPS ships 1-3 days.


Do you ship worldwide?

At this time we do not, but check back. You can also send us an email to see how we can help you get what you want.


Do you accept wholesale orders / custom soap requests?

Short answer…. YES! Send us an email with what you are looking for. Colors, scents and specialty shapes do take longer to process.  All soaps need 4-6 weeks to cure, which means you need to get your order in as quickly as possible to make sure you have your products on time.   


Oops! I’ve mailed my package to the wrong address! Can you send a replacement?It is your responsibility, as the buyer, to make sure your address is correct and if a mistake has been made, to notify us ASAP via the Contact Us page so we can change it on the shipping label, if possible.  If it has already shipped and is returned to us, we can invoice you for shipping and resend it once your address has been corrected.


Do you send PR or free goodies to potential customers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Etc.?

As a small business owner, I love getting my products in the hands of my customers and expanding my customer base. Send me your information and handles and I will get back to you.


Help! My package has arrived damaged/has the wrong products/is missing products/etc.!

Oh no! Please contact us via the “Contact Us” page and we will do our best to make things right ASAP!


How long can I wait to open and use your Artisan Soaps?

We recommend you use our products within 6 months for the best results, as the color and fragrances may begin to fade after that amount of time.  However, our soaps will still get you clean after the fragrance and colors are long gone!


I tried to make an order and had trouble.  My first form of payment was denied and the second one went through.  Now it looks like I’ve been charged twice.  Should I just open a dispute if it seems I’ve been double charged?
We’re sorry that happened to you, but don’t worry.  If a charge is pending, it takes 3 – 5 business days for it to be verified or dropped.  If you have entered an email address with the order, you will receive an automatic email confirming your purchase.  Just give it a few days.  If there is still a problem, please contact us.  Opening up a dispute will automatically put that order/charge on hold, and that will prevent us from making an easy correction, and delay you getting whatever you ordered.  Usually sellers are happy to help you and avoid official disputes that require extra time and trouble to sort out.